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Venturing and Sea Scouting Awards

The Venturing program, which replaced the portions of the old Explorer program which were not transferred to the Learning for Life organization, has created a series of awards for Venturers. Keep in mind that Venturing Crews are separate units, in a separate Division of BSA, and should not be confused with the similarly named Venture Patrols which can exist in Boy Scout Troops.

For a brief introduction to the Venturing Program, its advancement program, and how forming a Venturing Crew can supplement to your existing Troop program, check out the PowerPoint slide presentation by Brad Harris, Associate Director, Venturing Division, BSA, which we have available:

Venturing - The Next Step ...

There are a series of three awards, the Bronze, Gold, and Silver Awards, which can be earned in sequence by all Venturers, no matter their specialty; plus the Ranger Award, for Outdoor/High Adventure activity, the TRUST award for Religious Life activities, and the Quest Award, for Fitness and Sports activities.

In addition, Leadership Awards, which can be earned by Youth and/or Adults can be presented at the Council, Area/Region, and National levels.

Within the Venturing Program, the Sea Scouting program has its own Advancement Program, consisting of the Ranks of Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster. Sea Scouts are eligible for the Venturing awards in addition to the Sea Scout Advancements. In addition, the Long Cruise and SEAL awards are specific to the Sea Scouting program.

Any male Venturer who has achieved the First Class rank as a Boy Scout in a troop or Varsity Scout in a team may continue advancement toward Star, Life and Eagle Scout ranks, and Eagle Palms, up to his 18th birthday.

  • He must meet the requirements as prescribed in the official Boy Scout Handbook and the current Boy Scout Requirements book.
  • The Venturer may fulfill leadership requirements by serving as president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer of his crew, or as boatswain, boatswain's mate, yeoman, purser, or storekeeper for his ship.
  • The Scoutmaster conference will be conducted by the Advisor or Skipper.
  • As the Venturer meets requirements for the Star and Life ranks, a board of review will be conducted by the crew or ship committee.
  • The Eagle board of review should follow the procedures established by the local council.

We have posted Fact Sheets which explain each of the awards, and a chart showing some of the the similarities and differences between Exploring and Venturing.

Ranger Award
Quest Award

Bronze Award
Gold Award
Silver Award

Leadership Awards

World Conservation Award

Comparison Chart

We also have available a pdf file of a chart which shows all of the advancement opportunities available to Venturers. Thanks to J. Soni Davidson, of the Toqua District, Great Smoky Mountains Council, for providing the chart.

Venturing Advancement Chart

Advancement Transfers for Foreign Scouts

Questions arise occasionally on whether a youth moving to the USA from another country can use the advancements he or she had earned in that country toward advancement in a BSA unit. For the answer, click here.

Page updated on: May 02, 2013

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