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Baloo's Bugle

January 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 6
February 2006 Theme

Theme: Cubs in the Future
Webelos: Scholar & Engineer
  Tiger Cub
Activities: Requirement #4


Cub Scouts in the Future

Julie Byler

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Verdugo Hills Councils

Equipment:  Cards with each of the letters below, printed large enough for the audience to read with the corresponding sentence printed on the back.  Enough Scouts to read the cards in turn. Narrator:   In 2030, just 24 years from now, Cub Scouting will be 100 years old.  You Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos will be adults.  Some of you may be Eagle Scouts having earned the badge in your teens and making your family proud.  (There is no past tense to being an Eagle Scout)

A hundred years from now in 2106 A.D., the Cub Scout program will be 176 years old.  Most of you boys will have sons, grandsons and great-grandsons who are or have been Cub Scouts. 

In 2130 Cub Scouts will be 200 years old.  You could even have a great great grandson who will soon be a Tiger Cub.  This is what the Cub Scouts in the future will look like.

  • C - Curly hair, if any, or straight, blond, black brown or bald.
  • U - Understanding and helpful, loving our neighbors
  • B - Blue eyes or brown.
  • S - Studious or Athletic, maybe both.
  • C - Cheerful and willing.
  • O - Outings to the moon.
  • U - Uniforms and advancement.
  • T - Tall or short.
  • S - Silly skits and songs

Narrator:           Put them all together and they spell the future of our world.

Cub Enterprise

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Set Up – Four Cubs with cards that have their words on the back in LARGE print and an appropriate picture on front.

Cubmaster: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship "Cub Enterprise". Our four-year mission: 

  • To explore new territories in Cub Scouting.
  • To advance by achieving new skills.
  • To live by the cub Scout Promise.
  • To go on to explore new worlds and galaxies in Boy Scout Troops and Venture Crews.

Be sure to add a flag salute, recitation of Cub Scout Promise or Law, and a prayer after the four Cubs finish.

Scouting From The Future

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Arrangements: Cubmaster and five Cubs. Each Cub wears some futuristic version of the uniform (e.g. pointy shoulders made of aluminum foil) and carries a black cardboard piece.

Cubmaster: Welcome Scouts, families, and friends! Our theme this month is “Cubs in the Future.” Now, we don’t know what the future holds for us, but why don’t we take a glimpse into the future at a group of Cub Scouts reading their newspaper slates in the future.

  • Hmm... Look at the Help Wanted ads... It says, “Wanted: Computer expert to update records from 50 years of space missions.” That sounds like a good job.
  • Wow! In the Travel Section, it says trans-Lunar tours are half price. I have to tell my Parental Units!
  • Here’s a deal... It says we can turn in our outdated atomic water heater for a new antimatter unit for only 100 credits.
  • I can’t figure out what this article is talking about. Does anyone know what a Chevy, a Ford, or a Toyota is? It sounds like some sort of old fashioned transportation mechanism.
  • Hey guys! Look at the time! We are going to be late to our Pack Meeting at the Sector 5 Virtual Reality Elementary School, Let’s burn vapor!

Boys run off

Cubmaster: Well, it looks like some things have stood the test of time and Scouting will remain a big part of future boy’s lives. Please stand and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to our present flag.

To Be an American  (Flag Ceremony)

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Verdugo Hills Councils

Setting:        4 uniformed Cub Scouts, carrying suitable props (such as a megaphone, nightcap, church model, and a star) speak the following lines.

Cub #1:   You can say anything you want to say, whoever you may be.  Some things cost a lot of money, but speech is free.

All:          That’s what it means to be an American.

Cub #2:   You can write anything you want to write and dare to disagree.

All:          That’s what it means to be an American.

Cub #3:   You can’t be put in prison, unless you’ve been fairly tried.  You can choose your place of worship with your family by your side.  Encouraged to reach for the stars, we live here withpride.

All:          That’s what it means to be an American.

Cub #4:   You can dream any dream you want to dream, and make it all come true.  Land on the Moon where the flag flies true.  We are blest to live where liberty is for me and you.

All:          That’s what it means to be an American.


Sam Houston Area Council

PERSONNEL: Den leader or Den Chief and a Den of 9 Cub Scouts, each with a sign with his part on the back in LARGE letters and an appropriate related picture on the audience side.

DEN LEADER or DEN CHIEF: From its beginning on Brownsea Island, the Scout idea spread around the globe until it is now the largest and most influential youth movement in the free world.  Although there may be some differences in the program, the whole movement adheres to these fundamental principles.

  • Duty to God and respect for individual beliefs.
  • Loyalty to one's country and respect for its laws.
  • Strength of world friendship and Scouting brotherhood.
  • Service to others ] community development.
  • Universal regard for Scout Promise and Law as a life guide. 6. Voluntary membership.
  • Service by volunteer leaders.
  • Independence from political influence and control.
  • Unique program for training youth in responsibility, citizenship, physical and mental development, and character guidance through use of den and packs, group activity, recognition through awards, and learning by doing.
  • Outdoor program orientation.

Cubmaster:       Will everyone stand and please say with us the Cub Scout promise, and then remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance?

Planet Unknown

Baltimore Area Council

Personnel: Den leader and whole Den.

Equipment: U. S. flag, Pack flag, stands for each, weird space like head pieces, and two astronaut space helmets. Arrangement:

Personnel: Two Cub Scouts with spacemen helmets bring U.S. flag to front of Pack, where they meet Den Leader and rest of Den who are making space talk (eek-eek-eek, or bleep-bleep, Etc.).

1st CUB SPACEMAN: No matter where we go or what we see, planted firmly on the pinnacle of American Faith, the U.S. flag has proved an inspiration to untold millions.

2nd CUB SPACEMAN: Men have looked upon the flag as a symbol of National unity.

DEN LEADER AND REST OF DEN: Let us unite in pledging our allegiance to her.

Flag Recipe:

 Sam Houston Area Council

This is a classic and is always appropriate.  It can be an opening or a serious skit.  I use it whenever visit a group that is forming a new pack to demonstrate how to run a Pack Meeting.  CD

Ingredients (Cast and Supplies):

  • 6 Cub Scouts
  • 1 cup red crepe paper bits
  • 1 cup blue crepe paper bits
  • 1 cup white crepe paper bits Stars (glitter)
  • Large pot
  • American Flag
  • Spotlight (Optional)


  • Cub Scouts form semicircle around large pot. 
  • American flag is folded properly and hidden in a pot. 
  • Each Cub Scout is holding the ingredients he adds.
    • We are going to fix for a treat that is really grand;
      And make for a recipe... the greatest in the land.
    • First we'll put in a heaping cup of red for courage true, (He adds red paper bits to pot)
    • And then we will add for loyalty, a dash of heavenly blue, (He adds blue paper bits to pot)
    • For purity, we will now sift in a layer of snowy white, (He sprinkles in white paper bits)
    • We will sprinkle in a pinch of stars to make it come out right. (He adds glitter)
    • We will stir and stir and then you will see,
    • That what we have made is...   (He uses a large spoon and pretends to stir, taking care not to disturb flag)

Now all the Cubs carefully pull out the flag,
making sure that it is displayed properly

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