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Baloo's Bugle

January 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 6
February 2006 Theme

Theme: Cubs in the Future
Webelos: Scholar & Engineer
  Tiger Cub
Activities: Requirement #4



San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Verdugo Hills Councils

& Sam Houston Area Council

Preparation:        The following answers and questions can be used in a Cubnac presentation (based on the Johnny Carson "Carnac" routine).  A Cub Scout dresses in a turban and cape and his assistant carries in envelopes with questions inside. After Cubnac holds each envelope to his forehead in order to “telepathically” come up with the answer (it is written on the outside of each envelope), he states the answer out loud, opens the envelope and reads the question.  The boys can ham this up as much as they want.

Answer:      Dances with Wolves

Question:    What would you say about den leader who square dances with her den?

Answer:      I Can Bear No More

Question:    What does a new Webelos Scout say?

Answer:      Bobcat

Question:    What would you call Robert Cat if you were a close friend?

Answer:     Webelos

Question:    What would a group of older Cub Scouts say if they didn’t know where they were at?

Answer:      Bear, Aaron and Wells Fargo

Question:    Name a rank, a Hank and a bank.

Answer:      In Space Ships

Question:    How will Cub Scout families go camping in the future?

Answer:      Arrow of Light

Question:    What would you call 20 candles in a straight line?

Answer:      First Class Scouts

Question:    What is the goal for every boy to become?

Answer:      Tiger Paws

Question:    What do you call a group of Tiger fathers?

Alternate answer – A Den of Tigers taking a nap

Space Shuttle

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Verdugo Hills Councils


  • Large cardboard box made to look like the space shuttle.
  • Projector and film.
  • Chairs for each Cub in skit.  The chairs are placed behind the shuttle with the astronauts sitting in the chairs.

Costumes:           Den Chief dressed to look like the ground control.  All other Cubs dressed as astronauts.

Den Chief:   Well men, are you ready for your first mission?

Cubs:         Yes, sir!

Last Boy:    Mr. Ground Commander sir!  I have been thinking about this first mission and there is just one last question, "How do we get down?" 

(Lights go out and projector is turned on with a film of the landing of the first space shuttle to the music of Star Wars.)

Note: The projector and film can be obtained from several different places, such as high schools, churches, or the public library.  If these places are not fruitful, ask your parents.

Future Careers

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Verdugo Hills Councils

Props:          A large box that Cubs can step into and out of; decorate front with knobs and dials.  Costume pieces representing the future career for Cubs to have on when they announce their future career.  (e.g Chef’s Hat for chef)

Cub #1:   Ladies and gentlemen, this is the fantastic, terrific magic future machine.  By entering this machine you will know your future career.

Cub #2:   Let me try it first!

Cub #1:   OK, enter the chamber (he turns dials on the front).  Come out and reveal your future.  (This is repeated for each Cub.)

Cub #2:   Wow, I am going to be an inventor.  I'll invent a way to transport people and products instantly.

Cub #3:   (enters then exits) Hey, I'm going to be a chef.  Dinner anyone?

Cub #4:   (enters then exits) I'm going to be a doctor.  Want a shot?

Cub #5:   (Enters then exits) I'm going to be a scientist.  I'll discover a new clean energy source.

Cub #6:   (enters then exits) Yea, yea, yea!  I'm going to be a rock star.  Where's my guitar?

Cub #7:   (enters and exits) An astronaut, look at Mars!

Cub #8:   I'm not sure about this, but here goes.

Cub #1:   This way.  (Turns dials.)

Cub #8:   (enters, screams) No!  No!

Cub #1:   What's the matter?  What will you be?

Cub #8:   NO!  I'll be a(pause for silence) CUBMASTER!!!(Runs off stage with arms flying.)

Rollicking Robots

Sam Houston Area Council


Den ___ presents "The Rollicking Robots From The World of Tomorrow."

(Robots enter slowly in a line, then turn to face audience)

We ‘re the very latest triumph of engineering skill;
We can walk, we can talk, we can raise an arm at will;
We ‘re really rather handsome, all gleaming steel and chrome;
Oh, everyone should have a little robot in the home.

You’ll never have to feed us, our wants are very few;
A sip of battery juice and a nut and bolt or two;
Our actions are dependable, just like a metronome;
Oh, everyone should have a little robot in the home.

(As each boy takes his turn, he steps forward stiffly, takes three steps and bows before he speaks.)

When Junior has some homework that no one can explain,
We're just the ones to help him, with our electronic brain.

Those nights when father moans and groans about his income tax,
We’ll do the calculations, if he’d just feed us the facts.

We can help with mother’s gardening when she’s setting out her plants,
Our feet are built for digging holes or stamping out red ants.

If sister fears she’ll oversleep because she stayed out late at night,
Just let us know the proper time, we’ll wake her up all right.

We’ll be glad to mind the baby when he’s crawling on the floor,
And shock him, oh so gently, if he’s heading for the door.

To cheer you up, we’ll bring you music straight from our transistors;
And even go into a dance while rattling our resistors.

Robots go into their dance after #6 speaks:
Three slide steps to left;
then three slide steps back to position.
Three bounces forward; then three back to position. 
Swing left arm and right leg forward and back;
then right arm and left leg. 
Repeat these kicks, then bow.

We hope we have convinced you of our many splendid uses,
And we faithfully promise not to blow out any fuses.
We’ll be always be at your service with our every volt and ohm,
Now don’t you think that you should have a robot in your home?

Is There Life on Other Plants?

Baltimore Area Council

Characters: Head Scientist and Five Scientists

Props: One conference size table, six chairs, several brief cases. Official looking papers scattered over table. Business suit for Head Scientist, weird masks for other scientists.

Setting: The Head Scientist and the 5 Scientists are seated at a conference table with their backs to the audience.

Head Scientist: (Rising, with back to audience) Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please come to order. I have called you here today to-make an important announcement. I am sorry to tell you that after exhaustive studies, we have come to a conclusion that there cannot possibly be any life on the planet nearest us.

1st scientist: But what about the changes in color from white to green that have been observed on the planet’s surface? Don’t these indicate weather changes and some kind of atmosphere?

Head Scientist: All tests show that there is some atmosphere on the planet, but it is not enough to sustain life as we know it.

2nd Scientist: Then how do you account for the ditches or canals that have been seen with our telescopes?

Head Scientist: Latest viewings indicate that these are merely natural ground formations, and there is no proof whatever that they are made by any living beings.

3rd Scientist: Then we must conclude that the flying saucer stories are all hoaxes?

Head Scientist: No, of course not. Most of these sightings have perfectly logical, scientific explanations, and the rest are the direct result of mass hysteria.

4th Scientist: Then all the strange sounds picked up on radio receivers come from our own transmitters or are produced by atmospheric pressures?

Head Scientist: I’m afraid so.

5th Scientist: I, for one, am extremely disappointed. I’ve always been sure we had neighbors on other planets, or at least on the one nearest to us. Perhaps not life as we know it, but some kind of intelligent life, totally unknown to us.

Head Scientist: Gentlemen, I am going to adjourn this meeting. I can see no point in discussing this matter further. The tests have been so conclusive- that any intelligent person must accept the fact that there is no life on—

All: (Turning to audience to reveal weird masks or make-up) EARTH!

Adventures In Space

Baltimore Area Council

Characters: Moon and 8 Cub Scouts

Props: Each Scout should have something from the country he represents – A Lei for the Hawaiian, Wooden Shoes for the Dutchmen, …

Setting: Have a large moon posted on the wall or stage.  The voice of the Moon should be out of sight.

MOON: Today is the day for adventures in Space.  Cub Scouts round the world are entering the race. To the moon they will come on this special outing to tell of the fun they have in Cub Scouting.

AMERICAN: I’m the boy from the U.S.A. BOY: Give us a ball and we’re ready to play.

HAWAIIAN: Aloha!- From the land of pineapple and sunshine, I bring laughter and music fine.

DUTCH: I have a Cub Scout brother, a nice young tyke, I left him home with his finger in the dike. ALASKAN: In the land of the Northern Lights,

ESKIMO: Fishing is one of our delights.

FRENCH: I’m from France where we’re known for eating. The best place to do this is in a den meeting.

INDIAN: How! I bring brotherhood to the moon. May it be universal - very soon.

SPANISH: Enthusiasm is the call of the day. In sunny Spain we should “Ole.”

ORIENTAL: Confucius words very very few, “You teach them, or they teach you.”

AFRICAN: The jungles of Africa provide for our boys A place to study wildlife and make lots of noise.

MOON: It sounds so exciting. I’ll start right away to form a den of Moon Scouts without further delay.

The Robot-Inventors

Baltimore Area Council

Characters: 6 scientists in lab jackets (shirts, collars turned inside, put on backwards) 7th scientist is dressed the same way and has a top hat.  One Cub dressed as robot with bunny tail hidden under table.  Feel free to combine parts if you don't have that many Cubs.  CD

Setting: Table, covered with old sheet reaching to floor at front. Fishbowl or other glass bowl, test tubes, flasks, etc. on table. The 6 scientists stand behind and at sides of table. One of the scientists is reading a book plainly marked, “How to Invent a Robot”, while another looks over his shoulder. Another scientist is’ stirring in a large bowl with a large wooden spoon.

Scientist #l: It doesn’t seem to be working.

Scientist #2: I can’t understand it.

Scientist #3: We’ll have to change the formula.

Scientist # 7 enters from stage left carrying top hat

Scientist #7: I’ve got it! I’ve got it! A friend of mine told me just how to do it. (he places hat on table) You just say,
“Abracadabra 1-2-3”, reach in, and . . .

Scientist #4: Wait a minute. What did you say your friend’s name was?

Scientist #7: Magisto the Magician. He says he’s pulled a robot out of a hat lots of times.

Scientist #5: That’s “rabbit”, not “robot” you idiot! (they chase scientist # 7 off stage waving book, spoon, etc., scientist #6 starts to join them, but stops and looks at hat on table)

Scientist #6: (shrugging shoulders) It might work! Abracadabra l-2-3! (he takes hold of hat with left hand, tips it toward himself at edge of table, reaches “in”-reaches behind table and pulls out “robot” who has been hiding behind table) Hey, it worked! Now I’ll just push this button (pushes robot’s button-robot drops to all fours and hops off stage showing a bunny tail)

Rocket Genius

Greater St. Louis Area Council

CAST: 4-6 Cub Scouts

SETUP: The scene is the launching pad of a large rocket (fake it, or can be cut from a large piece of cardboard.)

There is an elaborate countdown, but the rocket fails to go off at zero. All those present inspect it and check on a number of highly scientific sounding devices -

  • the supersonic sector wire;
  • the exhaust fin fan stand;
  • the sub-stabilizer oxidizer, etc.

Make up as many as you need for each boy to have line

All seem perfect.

Finally a small boy speaks up.

Scout: (Holds up a power cord) "I've found the trouble. Somebody forgot to plug it in.

No Rocket Scientist

Greater St. Louis Area Council


  • Rocket pilot in cockpit on one side of stage.
  • Ground control with computer on other side of the stage.

Rocket Pilot: Mayday! Mayday! Engines on fire Mayday!

Ground control: We read you. Hang in there. We're going to try and lock in on you with our computer.

Rocket Pilot: Well, hurry up! I can't hold on much longer. I'm surrounded by flames.

Ground Control: O.K. This is critical. Before you eject -- state your height and position.

Rocket Pilot: Oh, I'm about 5 foot 6, and I'm sitting down. Bye!

Pretends to push eject button and jumps out of cockpit

The Astronaut Physical

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Characters: NASA Doctor, 7 Astronauts (Cub Scouts)


  • Doctor - White shirt turned backwards and white band of cardboard with circle of foil attached, bandage on
  • Astronaut #3’s finger has a band aid on it
  • Astronaut #5 has a black eye


  • Desk with sign (Doctor is in), Seven chairs, pencil and index card, large bottle as a medicine bottle, and cardboard with picture drawn to show a rib cage with a roll of film in it.
  • Desk is in center of stage with Doctor behind it as Astronauts enter from side slowly, jogging and flexing muscles.

Cub 1: (To other Cub Scouts) Well, today is the day for our annual physicals. As Astronauts we should stay in good physical shape.

Doctor: Come in, Come in. Please sit down.

Cub 1: Doctor, I’m sorry were so late.

Doctor: Doesn’t your watch tell time?

Cub 1: Oh no, I have to look at it.

Doctor: (To all Cub Scouts) Now lets check your senses of balance…lift your left foot… (Cub Scouts lift left foot) …and now your right foot… (Lift right foot)…now lift both… (Cub Scouts try)…Hmmm… (Doctor rubs chin).

Now tell me, do you have any special problems?

Cub 2: (Holding up x-ray) I’m worried because I swallowed a roll of film at our last space training.

Doctor: (Looking at x-ray) Relax, I’m sure nothing will develop. NEXT!

Cub 3: (Holding up bandaged finger) Oh, doctor tell me, will I be able to play the piano when my finger gets better?

Doctor: (Looking at finger) Of course!

Cub 3: Great I could never play before!

Doctor: (To Cub Scout 4) I see you look a little thinner.

Cub 4: Yes, I have been exercising regularly. This morning I touched the floor without bending my knees.

Doctor: Excellent, how did you do it?

Cub 4: I fell out of bed. By the way my brother is the next patient.

Doctor: Call him immediately.

Cub 4: I don’t think he’ll come if I call him immediately, his name is Sam.

Cub 5: Oh doctor, what can I do for my black eye? (Covering eye)

Doctor: Wow, who gave you that shiner?

Cub 5: (Indignantly) No one! I had to fight for it!

Cub 6: Doctor, Doctor! My leg hurts!

Doctor: Here, rub this on your leg, it will relieve the pain (handing him the bottle)

Cub 6: Will it make my leg smart?

Doctor: (disgusted) If it does, try rubbing some on your head.

Doctor: Well, well. Seems to me I can find only one thing ailing you astronauts… Excess Energyitis!!!! I would recommend a balanced diet, daily exercise, fresh air, plenty of rest, and more astronaut training.

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